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Casa de Artesanato Nam Fan Lou

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Located in Macau, Nam Fan Lou Chinese Fans Speciality Shop is a unique fan specialist in South East Asia. A wide variety of Chinese paintings, Chinese brush calligraphy and fan covers by prominent calligraphers are also available for your selection on the second floor in our shop.


Our skilled fan handicraftsmen equipped with long-established expertise and new modern techniques are striving to make the best and unique products in various designs and styles. Special fan frames made of bamboo, wood with covers by famous artists or calligraphers' are the pursuit of many collectors.


Nam Fan Lou carries different types of traditional Chinese folding fans, Japanese and Korean folding fans, black paper fans, white paper fans, sandalwood fans,  silk fans, wall fans, feather fans, palm leaves fans, palm-bamboo fans, bone fans, tortoise fans.


White paper fans and silk fans are the top of the sales chart and are used most comprehensively---in advertisements, business promotion, memorial activities and purposes. Products used in some major activities organized by the Macau government, Hong Kong government,and some famous hotels were also provided by our shop and were accepted with favorable recognition.





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